5 Reasons To Work With A Realtor

You have decided it is time to sell your current home and buy a new home. Now what? The first and most important decision of the entire process will be finding the person that you trust to guide you through the process. Real estate agents are an invaluable resource to guide you through the process and provide you with the insight to maximize the return on your home but also to protect you throughout the process. You may even be considering selling your home on your own. I would encourage you to read the 5 reasons you should hire a realtor below before making that decision.

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  1. Experience

    Every single real estate transaction is different. Crazy things will happen along the way and a great agent will either see it coming or know how to address the issues when they arise. Homes have lots of issues and so do people so you have to be able to work with what comes your way and make the transaction still work for all parties involved. It could be anything from a disagreement on what needs to be repaired after inspection to a change in the timeline of closing or even mortgage qualification issues for the buyer. Whatever issues emerge you need a confident agent that will work for you to get the problems resolved so that your deal can move to the closing table.

  2. Network

    Agents tend to have the personality trait of gab. We talk to everybody and while it can be exhausting to our family and friends, it will seriously benefit you the client. Agents build a strong network with other agents and potential buyers. Your listing agent should be talking to everyone they know about your house looking for the perfect buyer. Your buyer’s agent is not only constantly looking at the newest listings online but is always networking with other agents to find hot properties that are not currently listed. This is crucial for the seller’s market that we have been in the last few years. Many homes will sell as soon as they hit the market (sometimes before) so it is super important to have an agent that has a strong network.

  3. Knowledge

    No one knows your local market like your local real estate agents. They live it in all aspects of their lives. I get asked at least once a day, “how’s real estate?”. It does not matter where I go or whom I talking to, that question comes up. Some people are asking me on a friend level but most are interested to know because they have a major investment (their home) in the current market. Hiring a good agent will be able to guide you through pricing your home to sell based on the current market conditions as well as breaking down the comparisons of what has sold recently. If you are working with an agent to purchase a home, they can help you understand what other homes have sold for in that area and help keep you from over paying. It is easy to get caught up in the emotion of finding a perfect house and then spending more than you should. Buyer’s agents can also help you come in with competitive offers and give you a stronger chance to get the home in a multiple offer situation (which has very common over the last few years).

  4. Ease

    Your home is on the market and several people are ready to see it. A huge advantage to working with a realtor is they handle the scheduling for each showing. Agents have a ton of resources and communication tools that allow other agents to be working for you by showing their clients your home. You go about your normal life, of course leaving your home clearer and more immaculate than it has ever been, and the realtors handle showings from there. An added bonus is you avoid that awkward moment, here is our home that we love but the buyer doesn’t. Your agent will also work to keep the process on track by making sure all timelines are met throughout the process.

  5. Fun

    What? Good agents will help reduce the stress that comes along with making what will likely be the largest purchase of your life more relaxed and more fun. There will still be stress because it is such a huge decision but an agent that can explain the process will make it much more fun. Using the best people throughout the process will also smooth the path. Agents have a great network of associates that will help you along the way including lenders, attorneys, inspectors, surveyors, house cleaners, movers, etc. I have many clients that have become friends throughout the home buying or selling process. You communicate so much throughout the process that you become a large part of each other’s lives.

If you are considering buying or selling soon, I would encourage you to talk to an agent. They are nice people, well most of them are. Haha! You can talk to an agent and inquire about their services, costs and their approach to getting your home sold or finding you a home without committing to using them. Let the expert in the field guide you through this process so you don’t leave any extra money on the table.

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