Cornerstone Living

Naming this blog became quite the stressful process. I would sit down and try to come up with some options, get frustrated, walk away and try again the next day. This kept happening. I had prayed. I had googled. I had even broken out the thesaurus looking for inspiration. Nothing! Then one day while reading my Bible, God lead me to this verse:

Cornerstone verse.png

Yes!!! I knew that this verse was the reason for this blog. If we build our lives on Jesus, our precious cornerstone, we will never be stricken with panic. Not that bad stuff will not happen or that times will not get hard but that we will be able to face what comes our way with our faith and trust in Jesus. He is our sure foundation. Following Christ gives us the foundation to face any trials that come our way. Nothing can compare to that cornerstone for our lives.

I want the blog to serve as a cornerstone for my readers to have a solid foundation when it comes to making what will likely be the largest purchase of their lifetime. If I can help my readers have an understanding of the process they are walking through then they can face whatever comes their way without panic. Y’all real estate can get crazy and no two transactions are ever the same. It is so very important to understand that one statement when you are starting the process of buying or selling. Having a reliable realtor that can guide you through your specific transaction will help greatly when those unexpected issues arise.

My goal for this blog is to help educate the real estate consumer so that they begin the process with knowledge to make the best decisions, from choosing a realtor to moving day and even after that. I would love to hear from you on what topics you would like to learn about relating to real estate. My prayer is that the information I share here will help people move forward and fulfill the American Dream of home ownership.