Steps to Selling Your Home.

Selling your home can seem like an overwhelming process. Here is a brief overview of the steps you will take to get your home sold.

Step 1 - Find a REALTOR® that you like and you trust. A great agent will hold your hand throughout the process. You need someone you trust and will be willing to listen to. Find someone who will be honest with you. Selling your home is an emotional process. It is important to have someone who can be honest and respectful at the same time. Work with your agent to determine the market value of your home.

Step 2 - Declutter your home. We all have too much. Selling your home is perfect time to get rid of the items you no longer use or need. Once you are finished, declutter some more. I promise you will find more stuff that you missed the first time through. You will thank me when it comes time to pack.

Step 3 - Deep clean your home. It does not matter how clean your home is, it can always be deep cleaned.

Step 4 - Stage your home for optimal spacing. This includes minimizing decor, moving out oversized furniture and clearing walk throughs of your home. Your agent will be able to give you solid advice on what should stay and what should go.

Step 5 - Your home is finally listed so be prepared for showings at all time. Never turn down a showing unless it is absolutely necessary. Be ready to leave your home at any moment because showings will come up at the last minute. Who knows, that could be your buyer so it is always best to accommodate as best as possible.

Step 6 - Your agent calls you with an offer and now it is time to negotiate until you can reach an agreement.

Step 7 - Once you have reached an agreement, the seller will order an inspection of your home. You should not be present for this inspection. They buyer could request repairs be made on the items that are found in the inspection, request no repairs or walk away from the home at this point.

Step 8 - The mortgage company will order an appraisal. This is a comprehensive review of your home and how it compares to the other homes in the market. Should your home not appraise for the agreed upon price, you can re-negotiate the price, the buyer can pay cash for the difference or the buyer can void the contract and walk away.

Step 9 - After the inspection and appraisal are completed other inspections my occur depending on what is agreed to in the contract. These could include a wood-infestation report, septic tank inspection, or a pool/hot-tub inspection to name a few. Each home is different so the inspections that the buyer conducts will be different.

Step 9 - Final walkthrough. The buyer and their agent will do a final walkthrough before closing. This is to confirm that the home is still in the same condition as when the contract was written. This a great way of protecting both buyer and seller because all are in agreement that the home is still in the same condition. The final walkthrough typically takes place within 24 hours of closing.

Step 10 - Closing! Congrats you have made it to the closing table. It is no easy feat but so worth it.

This is a broad overview of the process that you will go through in selling your home. Each and every transaction is different and a great agent will be able to guide you through each step. The process can and will be stressful but in the end it will be worth it. If you would like more information on what your home is worth in today’s market you can request a free, no obligation, home valuation by clicking the link below.

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